Maddie Please was born in Dorset, brought up in Worcestershire and went to University in Cardiff.

After a career as a dentist Maddie now lives in Devon with her exceptionally handsome and supportive husband. They have 4 adult-ish children all of whom have left home and are probably rather surprised by all this. She did warn them.

Maddie is a voracious reader, and would enjoy hoovering, defrosting the fridge and cleaning the windows but unfortunately she doesn’t really have time. She is very disciplined and sensible about her writing and she likes to write every day because it gets her out of doing the ironing.

The Summer of Second Chances is Maddie’s debut novel, and it was the result of Chris Manby’s brilliant plotting workshop in beautiful Cornwall..

Maddie’s second book The Year of New Adventures has been published by Avon Maze in February 2018 and she is now working on her third book. *

Book 3 is the story of two warring sisters and takes place on board a Transatlanic liner. *

* No cupcakes or bunting were harmed in the writing of any of these books

Maddie Please
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The Summer of Second Chances
Available on Amazon
A Year of New Adventures

I am indebted to my agent Annette Green of Annette Green Agency who loves my books and is obviously very wise, totally brilliant and the best agent anyone could hope for.

Secondly to my editors Rachel Faulkner Willcocks and Victoria Oundijan of Harper Collins  Avon who are both delightful, dedicated and insightful.

There are of course many others who have supported me, encouraged me and poured me drinks during this process.

Most importantly my wonderful husband Brian Please without whom none of this would have had a hope of happening.

Jane Ayres, my best friend – without whom life wouldn’t be nearly so much fun.

Debi Alper – Author, editrix extraordinaire and stalwart champion of all novice writers.

Chris Manby who said the right thing at exactly the right moment and taught me to plot properly too.

Claire Dyer who is filled with talent, kindness and good ideas.

A very special shout out to The Literary Lovelies, a group of writerly friends I met through Twitter who provide invaluable advice, riotous lunches and fabulous support. Jane Ayres, Chris Manby, Susanna Bavin, Catherine Boardman, Karen Coles, Christina Branach, oh and Kirsten Hesketh.