Jane and I have been running writing retreats for some years. We couldn’t seem to find what we wanted so we decided to run them ourselves.
People tell us that what they want from a writer’s retreat is peace and quiet, well taught workshops and a memorable location and that’s exactly what we offer at The Place to Write.

All this plus good home cooked food, a glass of wine over dinner and the opportunity to share your work with like minded people if you wish.

Our next retreat is this March 2018 near Hereford. Take a look at our website, The Place to Write, for details and get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

Maddie Please - Romantic Comedy Author
Writers Retreat
Jane Ayres - Writing Retreats
Writers Retreat

‘the warmest welcome, combining all the ingredients a writer could wish for in a retreat’


‘…Debi Alper is magnificent’


Food was… ‘lavish, generous, delicious…’


‘…the advice and inspiration along with the connections were completely priceless…’

Writers Retreat Diary:
  • Oct 2014 – Inaugural Retreat (Debi Alper) – Caldicot
  • Jan 2015 – Fiction in the Forest (Debi Alper) – Lydney
  • March 2015 – Write by the Sea (Chrissie Manby)– Port Isaac
  • Nov 2015 – Write up to Christmas (Adele Parks)– Oakhampton
  • June 2016 – Writing Retreat & Workshop (Debi Alper) – Derbyshire
  • Oct 2016 – (Chrissie Manby) – Hereford
  • Nov 2017 – Autumn Residential Retreat (Samantha Pearse) – Herefordshire
  • March 2018 Spring Residential Retreat Herefordshire.